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      Wheat straw dryer General equipment for rice straw straw drying



        How to deal with the straw after wheat harvest? The prohibition of burning wheat straw has become an important management and supervision content for the first quarter. The wheat straw can be used for a variety of purposes such as feed, papermaking, straw biomass pellet fuel etc. And firstly needs to meet the storage and transportation problems of straw processing operations. The demand for straw dryers has gradually entered a small peak season.

      straw dryer.jpg

        Straw dryer is suitable for drying stems of various crops such as corn stover, soybean straw, rice husk and straw etc. It is characterized by rapid, high-efficiency and centralized treatment. Compared with the traditional straw drying method, it solves the problems of long cycle, large floor space, severe weather impact, uneven wet drying and so on.

        The straw dryer can be used in one machine, and the mixture is dried in the same high efficiency and high quality. The carrier is mainly a tumble dryer. The complete set of equipment mainly includes a pulverizer, a tumble dryer, a hot blast stove (gas type, biomass burner, etc.), electric control equipment, belt conveyor, unloader, dust collector, blower, induced draft fan and other ancillary equipment.

        Zhengzhou Dingli custom-made straw dryer, daily drying capacity from dozens of tons to dozens of tons per day to hundreds of tons, only need to provide the necessary dry material moisture requirements, drying demand, with or convenient fuel or information on heat source resources, plant structure etc.Dingli manufacturers free to carry out dryer production line planning, to promote straw drying line more environmentally friendly and low consumption.

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