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      How much is the cassava slag dryer?



        Cassava slag has a large production capacity in Southeast Asian countries and Australia, and the demand for cassava slag dryers is also in these areas. Therefore, in recent years, the cassava slag dewatering and drying equipment exported by Zhengzhou Dingli has been growing. The company also accelerated price adjustments and increased the benefits of benefits.

        How much is the cassava slag dryer?

        Whether it is hundreds of thousands or hundreds of thousands or hundreds of tons of dryer prices, it must first meet the customer's production needs, that is, to achieve the expected economic benefits. The cassava slag dryer must first meet the dry matter production capacity standard, dry and wet evenly, not chatter, not saccharification, which is similar to sweet potato slag and bean dregs, so the cassava residue can also be used to dry sweet potato slag. Drying of bean dregs and potato dregs.

        The drying structure adopted by Zhengzhou Dingli Cassava Dregs Dryer is a paddle-type high-temperature and powerful drying process and a low-temperature airflow drying process. The wet cassava slag manager has two stages of drying process, different heating stages and different heating stages. Different drying structures are efficient and low cost.

        The price of Zhengzhou Dingli Cassava Dreg Dryer will be positioned according to the specific requirements of the model, configuration and production line, customized production, and the price will be supplied.

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