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      Can potato starch be used as feed, dehydration and drying of potato residue saves money



       Can potato starch be used as feed? Not only can it be used as feed, but it is also a lower cost and nutritious feed. Potato starch residues are processed through a series of equipment such as dehydration, drying, and granulation. The economic benefits are obvious. Zhengzhou Dingli Baking Dryer manufacturers specifically supply complete sets of potato residue drying processing equipment.


       Potato starch dregs first need to be dewatered. The powder dregs with a moisture content of about 80% cannot be shipped from the factory. At the same time, the market price is very low. Therefore, a belt press dehydrator is necessary, durable and low cost. About 60% of the material is not dripping, which meets the requirements of China's waste water leaving factory.

       After passing through the belt press dewatering machine, the potato dregs processing feed must reduce the moisture content. A potato starch dregs dryer can quickly, large-scale, and centralized achieve the standard of 13% moisture content in dry materials. The specific water content can be freely requested. The starch residue processing technology requires flexible control.

        The potato starch residue dryer is mainly a tumble dryer, which is divided into two parts: high temperature drying and low temperature drying. The main purpose is to avoid the problems of black material, paste and saccharification during the drying process of potato starch. The heat source of the dryer can be the waste heat of steam, the high-temperature hot air heated by incineration of natural gas, coke oven gas, or biomass fuel, or the traditional coal-fired drying process, which is determined according to actual needs and environmental protection requirements.

       Zhengzhou Dingli dryer manufacturers have customized feed dehydration and drying equipment for 15 years. The equipment has mature technology and sophisticated processing. It has independent and sufficient innovation and sufficient technical team support, free installation and technical services, and more than 100 various specifications and processes. With the market changes, the feed drying processing production line can be customized with complete sets of equipment required for potato starch residue processing feed, high molding rate, low cost, low labor requirements, durable, affordable, more project sites, and more reliable.

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