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      How to drying brewer's grain spent



        How to drying brewer's grain spent? Brewer's grain spent have high water content, are not easy to store, and have low resource utilization. Generally, lees need to be dehydrated and dried to meet the requirements for the use and storage of lees.

        A lot of brewer's grain spent in wineries need to be treated with brewer's grain spent dehydrator and brewer's grain spent dryer. The high-humidity brewer's grain spent in the winery are squeezed and dehydrated by squeeze dehydration equipment. Contact to achieve the purpose of raw material drying. Zhengzhou Dingli brewer's grain spent dryer can use coke oven gas, gas, biomass fuel, steam, natural gas and clean coal etc. 


        How much water does lees need to be dried to make feed? Generally speaking, brewer's grain spent are dried within 12% or even less than 12%, which can meet the requirements of brewer's grain spent for utilization or long-term storage of water. Zhengzhou Dingli brewer's grain spent dryers can quickly dry the distillers' grains to within 12% to meet the diversification of different customers For production needs, Zhengzhou Dingli's brewer's grain spent dryer not only solves the customer's drying needs from the moisture demand, but also provides output customization services. It is suitable for drying distiller's grains of various sizes, allowing more customers to experience Dingli's brewer's grain spent dryer. Intelligent and efficient, energy saving and environmental protection.

        Zhengzhou Dingli specializes in the production of dryer equipment, in addition to the treatment of brewer's grain spent dryer, it also improves  coal slime drying, medicinal residue dryer, bean residue dryer, starch residue dryer, biomass drying granule production equipment, Many straw and grass dryers, river sand dryers and other high-humidity materials drying equipment, you can call for more information.

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