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      Small brewer's grain spent dryer with multiple heat sources for rapid dehydration and low energy consumption



        Brewer's grain spent dryers are extremely common and are widely used in brewer's grain spent feed processing equipment. Smaller lees dryers have lower prices and large carrying capacity, which are suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. It can dry 100 metric tons of wet brewer's grain spent every 8 hours or more. A short time, or 24 hours.


        The current small-scale brewer's grain spent dryer has many requirements and requirements in terms of heat source. Therefore, dryer manufacturers mainly customize drying equipment production lines according to user needs and actual conditions. For example, wineries with steam resources can use steam waste heat to carry out Heating and drying, which saves money, and makes it easier to pass environmental impact assessment on environmental protection issues; while companies that allow coal burning to dry distiller's grains are equipped with coal burning dryers, which have lower costs. It can be equipped with biomass burner or natural gas burner.

        Therefore, how much a small lees dryer costs is a different situation for fans, not just the size of the dryer, but also how to configure it. Zhengzhou Dingli brewer's grain spent dryer manufacturer has been customizing the production of brewer's grain spent dryer for 15 years. Brewer's grain spent drying project with various technical designs and structures and various problems has participated in many, practical experience, mature technology, and the company's price is affordable. 

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