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      How much is a straw dryer of 30 tons per hour?



        Where is the 30 ton straw dryer? Zhengzhou Dingli dryer manufacturers customize a variety of models and specifications of equipment, affordable, mature technology, straw drying high yield, environmental protection, low consumption. How much is a straw dryer that produces 30 tons per hour, which one is better.


       The 30-hour straw dryer can be operated for 8 hours, or 10 or 24 hours. It can be dried quickly with high-temperature hot air. It is suitable for corn straw, soybean straw, rice, peanut seedlings, sweet potato residue cane, or vegetable seedlings. In a few seconds, the straw with a water content of about 30% can be directly reduced to 12%. It is used for straw biomass fuel, straw wood products and other processes, with high quality and high forming rate.

        The straw dryer belongs to a three-cylinder dryer, which has a small floor area, a large processing capacity, and a high heat utilization rate. Therefore, the energy consumption is relatively low and is widely used. Zhengzhou Dingli dryer manufacturers customize the production of straw crushing, drying, granulating or briquetting equipment according to the actual needs of users, free installation and technical guidance.

        How much is the straw dryer, 30 tons of straw drying cost, equipment model configuration and other technical parameters can be understood through the dryer manufacturer's quotation scheme, Zhengzhou Dingli straw dryer is affordable, and has independent innovative technical team support, and Improve the supervision of mature equipment processing management system with high cost performance.

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