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      How much is the special dryer for brewer's grains spent and the dehydration equipment?



        Brewer's grains spent dryer  is mainly a three-layer rotary drum dryer, which is divided into gas, coal, and steam types according to the heat source. The entire production line is mainly divided into lees dehydration equipment and tumble dryer equipment. How much is a set of special dryer lees production line.



        The special dryer for distiller's grains belongs to a high-temperature hot air drying system. The wet distiller's grains enters the drum through a screw feeder and directly exchanges heat with the heated air in the hot blast stove, so as to quickly dry and dehydrate. See the distiller's dryer video for details.

        Most of the distiller's dryers are direct-heating tumble dryers. However, the steam dryer is an indirect drying system. The residual heat of the steam is exchanged with the lees through the tubes to dry and dehydrate. Therefore, the internal structure of the distiller's dryer is different for different heat sources.There are two types of drying equipment for distiller's grains, namely, distiller's grains and beer grains. The drying system is the same, but the material of the dryer will be different. However, it is determined according to user requirements.

        Brewer's grains spent dehydrator is a conventional auxiliary equipment for the lees special dryer. It is divided into screw extrusion dehydrator and belt filter press. The screw extrusion dewatering machine is mainly used for beer lees, and white lees usually use belt filter press. How much is a set of lees dryer for lees, specific manufacturers will provide free quotation plan.

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