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      Thai palm silk drying equipment: Zhengzhou Dingli eliminates all difficulties to deliver on time for customers



        During the outbreak, taking into account the needs of Thai customers for palm silk drying equipment, Zhengzhou Dingli ruled out all the difficulties to ship to customers on time. The technical team responsible for the installation of the project will also set off for the installation site in the near future to begin the later installation.


        Zhengzhou Dingli company developed a special production line for palm silk dryer, directly connected to the palm wire sorting machine, palm silk drying, sorting, desalting, dehydration, drying, etc. completed in one time within 40 minutes, assembly line operations, saving labor Time saving, energy saving and environmental protection, palm silk quality guarantee. After high temperature treatment, palm silk is more clean and environmentally friendly. The production line is a palm silk mechanized, large-scale, intensive production equipment.

        In this project, our company provides customers with palm silk dryer equipment that meets their production needs, and also provides subsequent installation and commissioning follow-up services. You can learn about the subsequent progress of the project on the official website of Zhengzhou Dingli.


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