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      What is the purpose of drying corn straw, corn straw dryer is suitable for those straws



      What is the purpose and economic value of drying corn stalks? First, drying the stalks can reduce the transportation and storage costs while compressing the stalks. At the same time, it increases the amount of heat to process the biomass fuel. Therefore, corn stalks are often invested in corn stalk drying equipment. It is suitable for various crop straws.
       When corn straw is used for biomass fuel processing, the main purpose is to increase the calorific value and promote its easy burning. The formula of fuel exotherm is: heat value on wet basis = heat value on dry basis × (1- moisture content)-enthalpy of water evaporation × moisture content. It can be seen that the straw dryer in the biomass processing line equipment for straw processing is necessary Sex and importance. A corn straw dryer can be centralized, mass-produced, and quickly dehydrated and dried. The moisture content of dry straw can be reduced to less than 13%, and it is suitable for corn straw, soybean straw, rice straw, peanut seedlings, sweet potato vines, vegetables Stems of various crops such as seedlings.
       And corn straw processing feed or used for papermaking or building materials processing materials also need to be dried to ensure the quality of the straw, which is convenient for compression storage and transportation. At the same time, silage corn straw can also be dried at low temperature through a corn straw dryer to extend the shelf life.
       Therefore, the purpose of corn stalk drying is to promote the economic benefits of corn stalk processing. The drying capacity is large, the efficiency is high, the drying process is clean and environmentally friendly, the total operating cost is low, the durability is long, and the benefit period is long.

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