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       Yeast Drying Production Line

      Yeast Drying Production Line

      Yeast Drying Production Line

      Production Capacity


      JHD series yeast rotary dryer is one king of single shell dryer which can be used in the drying process of a variety of slurries, especially suitable for the recycling of brewery yeast. We have yeast dryer products of different configurations to meet the demand of the annual output from fifty thousand ton to three hundred thousand ton. This machine is suitable for the drying process of food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.


      Working Principle

      Our brewers' yeast dryer product take advantage of heat conduction between hot steam and wet materials, realizing the indirect drying process. The drum is a hollow metal cylinder whose surface is deeply processed to be clean and polished. The drum rotates to the axial under drive devices (gear drive) in an adjustable rate. Slurry is preheated to 0℃ in preheating tank and then delivered to feeding chute through pump. Drum is immersed about 60-80mm. The external surface of rotating drum is coated with a layer of uniform slurry and pumped in the hot steam under 0.15-0.3Mpa. The slurry is heated on the external surface, where moisture is taken away by draught fan. With a single circle, the wet materials can be dried completely. Knot material in the external surface is swept off by scraper and fall on outlet for collection.

      Technical Parameters

      Models Capacity(kg/h) Drum Size(mm) Drum Rotation Rate( r/min) Steam Working Pressure(Mpa) Total Power(kw) Consumption(kg/h)
      JHD1500×2000 30-40 Φ1500×2000 4-8 ≤0.3 6.97 240-280
      JHD1500×2350 40-60 Φ1500×2350 4-8 ≤0.3 9.37 282-330
      JHD2000×2500 50-80 Φ2000×2500 4-8 ≤0.3 13.7 400-468
      JHD2000×3000 70-100 Φ2000×3000 4-8 ≤0.3 17.7 480-560
      JHD2500×3000 90-120 Φ2500×3000 4-8 ≤0.3 17.7 600-700
      JHD2500×4000 110-160 Φ2500×4000 4-8 ≤0.3 22 800-936

      Performance characteristics

      Fast drying and high efficiency

      Yeast Drying Production Line has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and can dry raw material with high temperature hot air.

      Low consumption and low cost

      Yeast Drying Production Line has strong anti-overload capability, large processing capacity, low material consumption and low drying cost.

      Low wear and long life

      adopts "centering roller device", which makes the roller and roller ring have linear contact, which greatly reduces wear and power loss.

      Low load, no block

      new feeding and discharging device, which eliminates the blockage, discontinuity, unevenness and returning of rotary drum dryer, and reduces the load of the dust removal system.

      Online Message

      If you are interested in our equipment, or if we have anything to help you, you can always call our customer service number: +86 15670626070 You can also communicate with us online, and, you can also leave a message below. We will be happy to serve you!